What Kind of Creative Person are You?

Whether you’re an animator, a graphic designer, or a branding expert there’s more to you than just the skills you have.

  There is also the approach you use when taking on new jobs, and sometimes this can be helpful and sometimes not. But knowing more about yourself can help you improve your routine, avoid stress and make life less stressful than those around you!  

How would you describe yourself?


  1. Well organised
  2. Creative
  3. Superstar!


How often do you check your emails?


  1. All the time
  2. Once or twice a day
  3. I delete the irrelevant ones


What is your opinion on networking?


  1. It depends on the quality of the event.
  2. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people.
  3. It’s great for promoting my business.


Do you consider yourself a team player?


  1. Yes- Provided I get to lead it.
  2. Maybe- Depends on who’s on the team.
  3. Yes and no- I can work on my own if I need to.


Who would you say is your hero?


  1. Richard Branson
  2. Stella McCartney
  3. Tom Cruise


What do you hope to achieve in the future?


  1. Make a good living working for myself.
  2. Be recognised for creative work.
  3. Sipping champagne at the Oscar party!




Mostly As: The Organiser

  If you’ve scored Mostly A’s the chances are you do this for a living and you have got to the point where you can pay rent with your skills.   This person is likely to be the leader. They may not necessarily always be popular but they get things done and makes sure everyone else knows their role. While there is nothing wrong with being politely assertive it is crucial to ensure everyone is on side and that you do this in the right way. Push but don’t push too much!  

Mostly Bs: The Commission Creative

  For a creative person their art is very rarely a hobby and if you fit this category the chances are that you do not like being referred to as someone engaging in an “interest.”   A Mostly B creative is more likely to enjoy a project coming together and being part of it and is more likely to do things for free or do things in exchange for services.   The downside to this person is that they are more likely to be less organised than an A and therefore may take longer to back to you. However this type of person is often someone who once you know their routine can be a massive asset to a team, so it’s a case of how patient other people are willing to be or how much you are willing to adapt to a project you like!  

Mostly Cs: The A Lister in Waiting

  Someone who is Mostly A or C can have ambition and can dream of stardom, same as anyone else. For someone who is Mostly C this is what drives them!   The major skill a C will often excel at is promotion. These are the people who know the latest design features, SEO or if they are an artist they know what fan art will get them the most hits on Deviantart.   The key to a Mostly C succeeding is to be smart enough to play the long game- keep promotional posts positive, learn how to network and know patience gets results.   No matter what type you are on this quiz a team often works best with a blend of personalities, skills and approaches. You can achieve a lot more together than trying to make it on your own


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