Tweet Vending Machine!

The latest vending machine invention. This Twitter- powered vending machine is from the brand BOS Ice Tea, a South African company. Launched in Cape Town, this vending machine lets the user simply send a tweet #BOSTWEET4T and a free can of BOS tea rolls out! Great combination of social media and a real life situation, simple and effective!





With the arrival of the Apple Mac came convenience, a design studio in a box. Drawing boards, Pantone Markers and Letraset were instantly made redundant for the new kid on the block. Over the years I have witnessed graphic designer getting excited about the latest release of photoshop but is this an imitation of the real deal?

Bygone years a concept was born out of an original idea, created on paper with no digital limitations, allowing total freedom of thought and the engagement of pure talent. This one idea involved copywriting, understanding typography – kerning, leading and legibility and the inbuilt ability to draw. So here we are twenty years down the track, does combining tradition with digital mean we can have the best of two worlds?


When coming up against a creative block, brainstorming can offer the perfect solution for generating creative ideas. Whether a person is brainstorming alone or with a group, it is important to come up with as many new ideas as possible within a specific period of time. Therefore, the following tips are offered to help anyone who is in need of some inspiration.













What Kind of Creative Person are You?

Whether you’re an animator, a graphic designer, or a branding expert there’s more to you than just the skills you have.

  There is also the approach you use when taking on new jobs, and sometimes this can be helpful and sometimes not. But knowing more about yourself can help you improve your routine, avoid stress and make life less stressful than those around you!  

How would you describe yourself?


  1. Well organised
  2. Creative
  3. Superstar!


How often do you check your emails?


  1. All the time
  2. Once or twice a day
  3. I delete the irrelevant ones


What is your opinion on networking?


  1. It depends on the quality of the event.
  2. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people.
  3. It’s great for promoting my business.


Do you consider yourself a team player?


  1. Yes- Provided I get to lead it.
  2. Maybe- Depends on who’s on the team.
  3. Yes and no- I can work on my own if I need to.


Who would you say is your hero?


  1. Richard Branson
  2. Stella McCartney
  3. Tom Cruise


What do you hope to achieve in the future?


  1. Make a good living working for myself.
  2. Be recognised for creative work.
  3. Sipping champagne at the Oscar party!




Mostly As: The Organiser

  If you’ve scored Mostly A’s the chances are you do this for a living and you have got to the point where you can pay rent with your skills.   This person is likely to be the leader. They may not necessarily always be popular but they get things done and makes sure everyone else knows their role. While there is nothing wrong with being politely assertive it is crucial to ensure everyone is on side and that you do this in the right way. Push but don’t push too much!  

Mostly Bs: The Commission Creative

  For a creative person their art is very rarely a hobby and if you fit this category the chances are that you do not like being referred to as someone engaging in an “interest.”   A Mostly B creative is more likely to enjoy a project coming together and being part of it and is more likely to do things for free or do things in exchange for services.   The downside to this person is that they are more likely to be less organised than an A and therefore may take longer to back to you. However this type of person is often someone who once you know their routine can be a massive asset to a team, so it’s a case of how patient other people are willing to be or how much you are willing to adapt to a project you like!  

Mostly Cs: The A Lister in Waiting

  Someone who is Mostly A or C can have ambition and can dream of stardom, same as anyone else. For someone who is Mostly C this is what drives them!   The major skill a C will often excel at is promotion. These are the people who know the latest design features, SEO or if they are an artist they know what fan art will get them the most hits on Deviantart.   The key to a Mostly C succeeding is to be smart enough to play the long game- keep promotional posts positive, learn how to network and know patience gets results.   No matter what type you are on this quiz a team often works best with a blend of personalities, skills and approaches. You can achieve a lot more together than trying to make it on your own


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Business people share secret of their success.

Some of the brightest up-and-coming business people from across the region have attended a major conference to share their success stories.

The first Institute of Directors’ East Midlands young directors’ convention took place on Friday at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Castle Donington.

Among the 90 delegates were about two dozen from Leicestershire, including accountants, lawyers, training providers and marketing professionals.

Guest speaker was Andy Cliffe, the recently-installed managing director of East Midlands Airport, while national Institute of Directors chairman Ian Dormer – who runs a successful engineering business in the north east – provided the opening address.

Mr Dormer said: “One of the key things is that as an institute we have to recognise that younger directors have a massive amount of drive, passion and innovation.

“We have to make sure they are supported, encouraged and helped for the long-term future of the UK’s corporate world.”

Steve Walker – who runs training company SWA in Syston – chairs the IoD East Midlands Young Directors’ Forum, which holds regular business and social networking events attracting 30 to 40 people at a time.

Mr Walker, who helped organise the day, said: “The event was really about promoting the quality of young entrepreneurs around the region to raise our profile, because we are the future of business.

“I think there is a new spirit out there. The Young Directors’ Forum, for instance, has proved really successful for like-minded people, because if we work together now we will be able to work together in the future.”

On Thursday, the IoD will host its annual East Midlands Director of the Year awards, with five Leicestershire businesspeople in the 20-strong shortlist – with some up for more than one award.

Categories include young director, director of a small or medium company, director of a large company, family business director and international director of the year.

The county nominees are Steve Walker, Ajay Naik of Bankfield Financial Advisers, Chris Hall of Hallmark, Kiran Parmar of The City Rooms and Suleman Sacranie of 99p Shopper.

The overall winner will be named East Midlands Director of the Year and all category winners will be submitted to the IoD’s UK Director Awards.

Mr Parmar said: “It’s great recognition for me and the whole of the team.”

Mr Naik said: “This region has a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and there’s a great crop of business leaders.”

Ron Lynch, IoD East Midlands regional director, said: “We are always impressed by the standard of applications for these awards but this year’s entries have identified some particularly interesting stories of entrepreneurial success.”

The winners will be announced at a presentation lunch at the Nottingham Conference Centre.


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ON THE UP: Steve Hill (Sales Development Centre), Ajay Naik (Bankfield), Satel Naik (Unique), Jane Burns (Glasshouse Creative), Steve Walker (East Midlands Chair of IoD), Ian Beasant (Giant Bicycles) and Peter Abrahamson (Abrahamson Foster)