Sherwood Sheds

Sherwood Sheds are a local company who came to us with a brief for a new website. They wanted it to have a crisp, fresh feel with all of their information and images. They wanted it to be easy to find the information that their clients would need and also want it to tie in with their company theme. 

From this we were able to create and build them a great website that felt more fresh and clean and easy to access everything. They are now able to exhibit their different style sheds and summerhouses and also show their price lists and different types of wood/treatments.

Check them out to see their new website and their different products.


Bill Makinson

Bill Makinson is a unique artist from the Nottinghamshire area. He has a wide range of paintings of not just England but also of America. His work is painted to perfection and is of only the highest quality!

He came to us with a brief for a unique website that could exhibit his work in a simple yet crisp and effective way. From this we have designed and built him a website that he wants to tell everybody about and is proud to exhibit his work on.

Check out his wonderful work and how he got to where he is on his website now!



Currently working with Hovis. We are doing some inside boards for their big factory at Watnall! 


Need metal polishing services? Check out Gary Bartons website. Created by glasshouse Creative.


Also for experts in style, image and presentation check out Ava Bunting. Fantastic work!

Social Media.

We are now up and running with both Facebook and Twitter.

On our Facebook page you can find alot of the work we have done through images and status’. Visit our page and take a look through our photo albums to see or yourself the variety and quality of the work we have done. ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page for future offers and information.

Also our twitter is running and ready for plenty of followers! Visit our Twitter page and ‘FOLLOW’ us for future offers and for all the information you could need!




Newstone Cards.

We have recently been working with Newstone Conservation. They first came to us and asked if we could build them a unique website for their company, which we did in the space of just 1 week. They can now show and advertise all of the work they have done on their website in the way they want.

Once we had finished the webite for them, they then came and asked if we could create some business cards which would tie in with their website to help them with advertising. We came up with some crisp, eye catching ideas and sent them a couple of visual ideas of which they then chose one.

Check out their website :

Check out their business cards here:



We are currently working with a garden maintenance company called Grasstracks. They specialise in bedding, commercial grounds, domestic grounds, hedge/shrub cutting, sports marking, tree surgery and additional services. For them, we are building a website to help them build up their business and show off their work. We are creating a website with a unique edge to connect in with their business. 


Check out this picture of the homepage!


Newstone Conservation are Live!

We have recently worked with Newstone Conservation to build up a webite for them. They now have a great way to showcase all of the work they have done, plus all of their information. They then came back to us and asked if we could do some business cards, so we are now in the process of creating some business cards for them.

Check out their website at